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Multifunctional Sun Care Products from Innospec


Stop by the Innospec stand to learn more about Finsolv, Dispersun and Luminact Reverse.

Innospec offers a range of multifunctional sun care ingredients that feel great and are easy to use. Product offerings include:

• Finsolv benzoate esters deliver excellent emolliency, solubilization and spreadability ensuring even distribution of actives for enhanced efficacy;
• Dispersun DSP OL-100 and DSP OL-300 dispersing agents for ultrafine titanium oxide and zinc oxide which significantly increase
UV absorption of sunscreens with pigments and reduce whitening on application;
• Dispersun TN-50 and Dispersun TS-50 fast drying titanium dioxide dispersions for inorganic sunscreen filters, that provide good skin-feel without residue. While Dispersun ZS-73 is a zinc oxide silicone dispersion for inorganic sunscreen that boosts SPF when combined with organic sunscreen filters. All Dispersuns are non-nano; and
• Luminact Reverse, a high-purity seaweed extract that is grown sustainably and hand harvested by divers in the unpolluted waters of Tasmania. Human clinical trials have proven that Luminact Reverse soothes skin and defends against damage caused by UVA and UVB rays.

Innospec has the ingredients to energize your products and meet the contemporary demands of a growing market.

More info: Innospec, Tel: 704-633-8028; Email:; Website: