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Sustainable Sun Care Formulations


Stop by Ashland, stand 31, to learn more.

Want to learn how you can drive sustainability in your sun care formulations, while meeting your consumers’ mounting demands for protection and performance? Stop by the Ashland stand (no. 31), or talk to an Ashland solver during the Sunscreen Symposium,  to learn how Ashland’s natural and sustainability-enabling ingredients can help you achieve higher SPF, protection outside the UV range, elegant skin feel, strong water and sweat resistance, and effective after-sun care.

In addition to Ashland Escalol UV filters, the company offers nature-based ingredients that expand protection beyond the UV (GP4G biofunctional, Elixiance biofunctional, Prolipid gels) and improve skin feel (Lubrajel Marine hydrogel, cellulosic thickeners), as well as nature-based preservatives and aromatics with antimicrobial properties (Optiphen preservatives, Conarom b aromatic).

Ashland also provides multifunctional polymers that can improve the sustainability of your formulations: new Ganex Sensory polymer for sunscreen emulsions allows for reduced or surfactant-free formulations can enable water-resistance claims, retards UV filter migration, and increases skin comfort and aesthetics at high organic UV filter levels. To experience Ganex Sensory, as well as Ashland's soothing after-sun care solutions first-hand, stop by stand no. 31 and see the SUNsory cream and gel formulations (SPF 30-50).

More info: Ashland, Tel: 1 877-546-2782; Website: or click here.