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The Role of Texture in Daily Wear Sunscreen


Visit Gattefossé at stand 37 and attend the podium presentation, Wear & Tear of Daily Wear.

While SPF testing is done under specific conditions, in real life, each consumer will apply a product differently and with different frequency. Daily wear sunscreens are generally applied only once, in the morning. Over the course of the day, we touch our faces, altering and removing the sunscreen film. Using a UVA camera, Gattefossé (stand 37) has studied how the formulation texture can influence the protection delivered to consumers in daily wear sunscreens.

Attend the podium presentation "Wear & Tear of Daily Wear" on Saturday at 11:15am to learn more about this topic and visit Gattefossé on stand 37 to explore sun care innovations with superior sensory properties.

More info: Gattefossé, Tel: 201-265-4800;;