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Estogel Available from DKSH North America


A smart thickening oil agent for gels, balms, creams and fragrances.

Estogel is an innovative and bio-sourced oil gelling agent. It helps the formation of clear gels with a very good suspensive ability at low concentration, according to DKSH North America. This green material is more than 90% bio-sourced, is suitable for EO-free products and is preservative free. It is said to be ideal for sprayable oily gels and glittered gels, glosses and balms, water-in-oil creams and fragrance gelling.
According to DKSH, Estogel forms very clear gels, demonstrates suspending ability at just 1%, is very thixotropic, can stabilize water-in-oil emulsions, is soft and silky to the touch and easy to disperse. Estogel’s gelation ability is due to supramolecular chemistry using hydrogen bonding. It is dispersible at 80°C under stirring, has a melting point of 85-135°C and is a soft to hard gel concentration dependent.
More info: Roy Heckel, DKSH North America, Tel: 973-810-5516; Email: