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O/W Sunscreen Solutions from Shin-Etsu


Acrylates, gums and resins to improve textures and effectiveness.

During last week's Sunscreen Symposium, Shin-Etsu Silicones offered solutions for the formulation chemist to develop O/W sunscreens with enhanced sensory and improved water resistance. Shin-Etsu is an industry leader in developing functional sensory technology including film formers, emulsifiers, powders and UV filters. The company presented a poster highlighting Shin-Etsu’s unique technology that fills the gaps existing in traditional O/W systems.

According to the company, formulators have the flexibility and freedom to create aesthetically pleasing formulations using Shin-Etsu’s KP series acrylates, KF8000s amodimethicone gums, and KF series MQ resins designed to enhance sunscreen textures and effectiveness.

In-Vitro testing of the sunscreen containing KP-545L and KF-7312L and the sunscreen with KF-7312L and KF-8020 confirmed broad spectrum as well as reduced transmissivity in comparison to the control containing none of these materials. The commercial benchmark claiming to have an SPF 55, as well as sweat proof and waterproof properties, showed increased transmissivity of harmful UV rays and did not provide an effective barrier of protection. KP-545L and KF-7312L showed superior protection and water resistance at as low as 2.5% in a 1:1 ratio.

The evaporation of the selected diluent, DMF-2cs , deposits the polymer onto the skin as a continuous film that is comfortable, flexible and non-tacky.

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