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Z-Cote Zinc Oxide from BASF


Visit booth 46 to learn more about new applications for these well-known inorganic materials.

With the latest regulatory proposed changes in the US, there is more focus on formulations containing zinc oxide. BASF (booth 46) developed two new concepts that demonstrate the application of its Z-Cote zinc oxide for broad spectrum UV protection in both a non-clogging spray and tinted moisturizer for everyday wear:
• Spray-It! UV Protection (Theoretical SPF 30)
• Cover-it! UV Protection Tinted Moisturizer (Theoretical SPF 20)
Z-Cote zinc oxides give formulators a choice of formats to optimize performance according to their formulation needs. They are available in powders, pourable dispersion, nano, non-nano, coated and uncoated forms.
Z-Cote offers these added benefits:
  • Critical wavelength of 370nm
  • Low whitening on varied skin types
  • High photo-stability
  • Synergy with organic and inorganic UV filters
Visit booth 46 at the FLSCC Sunscreen Symposium to try the formulation concepts and for more information.

More info: BASF, Tel: +1-800-962-7831; Email:; Website: