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Jeesperse NDA Sun Dispersions from Jeen


Visit stand 17 to learn more about stable loads of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

Jeesperse NDA Sun Dispersions are high-volume stable dispersions of physical sunblocks in naturally-derived hydrocarbons yielding stable loads of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, according to Jeen International (stand 17). The combination of physical sunblocks with the alkanes and hydrocarbons produces a desirable high percentage natural content (over 95%) for manufacturing sun care formulations and are excellent choices for formulators who seek highly natural sun care actives. Some benefits include naturally-derived physical sunscreen protection; effective, broad UVA and UVB protection; improved sensorial profile of mineral sunscreens; and helps reduce and de-tackify mineral dispersions. These dispersions also have complementary sensorial benefits modifying the typically harsh feel of sunblocks to smooth, soft skin, according to Jeen.

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