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SMA Collaboratives Launches MicNo


Learn more about this zinc oxide technology at booth 458.

SMA Collaboratives (booth 458) is a fast-growing, sustainable, multifunctional, actives supplier for the personal care and cosmetics industries. SMA introduces MicNo, the latest breakthrough in ZnO technology. The company also offers a wide range of ingredients, including bio-ferments, bio-placenta, microbiome focused actives, CBD oils, isolates and tinctures, complex actives, traditional and nontraditional preservatives, natural alternatives to silicone and more. According to company executives, SMA Collaboratives is committed to innovation, technology, and providing top-level, differentiated service for the customers.

If you’re looking for something different and exciting to add to your products, contact SMA at 954-481-0888, visit the website or SMA at the Sunscreen Symposium booth 458!