The Secret to Successful Formulation of Skin Microbiome-based Products

    The Secret to Successful Formulation of Skin Microbiome-based Products



    As new data transpires to support the role of the skin microbiome in common conditions from acne and eczema to dandruff and skin allergies, Cosmetic Formulators are turning their attention to designing and testing products that contain live bacteria, bacterial extracts or prebiotic and postbiotic ingredients, to manipulate the skin's microbiota.
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    • Understand the formulation considerations in Prebiotic, Probiotic and Postbiotic products, how to successfully exploit each as actives and how these compare to conventional products. 
    • Explore the impact of preservatives, emulsifiers and other ingredients on the Skin Microbiome and determine how to incorporate or remove these when formulating products. 
    • Discover the opportunities and challenges when formulating preservative-free products and how this impacts shelf life and cold chain considerations. 
    • Recognize how to formulate products successfully, to ensure effective delivery of microbiome-based actives onto the skin.

    Marie Drago, Founder, Gallinée
    Jennifer Cookson, Director of Research & Product Development, Mother Dirt
    Giorgio Dell'Acqua, Director, Dellacqua Consulting

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