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Unique Personal Care Concepts from BASF

By Happi Staff | 10.02.20

Ideas for melanated skin, beards and COVID-19.

BASF Care Creations North America has developed a wide range of formulation concepts to help cosmetic chemists create the next big idea in beauty. BASF notes that the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need for formulators to create safe and effective products that not only protect consumers, but also serve in place of salon treatments and other pampering activities that may not be currently accessible. BASF has come up with seven formulations with a combination of ingredients that allow consumers to prepare, protect and pamper themselves in the uncertain months to come. They include:

• Jammin’ Jelly Handwash — This jelly texture makes washing hands fun for the whole family and contains 0.13% benzalkonium chloride. 
• Elemental Protection Facial Moisturizer — This protective moisturizer has a combination of ingredients that helps optimize barrier function while helping to protect against inflammation triggered by pollution, and aging triggered by oxidative stress. 
• In-Between Care Moisturizing Gel Lotion — Featuring Hydagen Aquaporin & 65% ethanol alcohol, this gel lotion in a no-touch pump helps to maintain the skin’s moisture barrier and combat dryness from over washing. 
• Biome Barrier Boost Stick — This convenient format helps protect against microbiome damage, helps to fill and plump lines and wrinkles, and provides lasting hydration. 
• Still Care Lipwear — This protective, moisturizing lip balm features an ingredient made from Moringa seed extract, which helps prevent adhesion of external aggressors such as particulate matter (PM2.5) and cigarette smoke, while purifying the lips—mask on or mask off.
• Color Refreshing Crème Cleanser — A plum-colored, surfactant-free formula that can be used once a week in between washes to refresh, detangle, and condition, while protecting hair color between salon treatments.
• Balance the Biome Scalp Mask — This conditioning scalp mask has the key active Scalposine, a biomimetic amino-acid derivative naturally found in the skin, which helps control sebum production, while helping to replenish beneficial strains of microbes on the scalp. 

Another new concept from BASF is Moisture & Mattification for Melanated Skin, which meets the market need for products that are tested and demonstrated as safe and effective for the unique needs of Black skin. The demand for these products is significant, and BASF has sought to help by providing a solution with a product that effectively addresses Black consumers' needs for minimization of oiliness and shine, with a simultaneous need for hydration. The answer, says BASF, is to combine Mat-XS Bright, which helps support skin mattification and Hydagen Aquaporin, which supports hydration. When tested together on Black skin, after four days, there was a potent, visible decrease in oil production and shininess, and hydration in skin was increased, according to BASF.

Finally, next month, BASF will launch Free the Beard—three formulations designed to care for the quarantine beard. These formulas include:

Tri Wash Cleanser —  A delicate combination of gentle surfactants provides mild cleansing and great foam for the ultimate experience in clean. Patch20 further offers immediate and sustained moisturization, according to the company.
Beard Repair Lotion — Many consumers are looking for anti-pollution ingredients to protect against adhesion of microparticles, including beards. Puricare comes to the rescue offering great anti-pollution benefits. In addition, Phytosoothe helps calm the skin under masks and beards.
‘Keep your Beard’ Thickener — This formula is said to contain a conditioning powerhouse of ingredients along with Trichogen Veg to protect against hair fall. By incorporating some key conditioning polymers such as Luviquat Supreme, beard hair is volumized and nourished, providing a fuller look, according to BASF.

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