A Solution for Thinning Hair?

Nioxin rolls out Night Density Rescue.


By: Tom Branna

A Solution for Thinning Hair?

Nioxin is rolling out Night Density Rescue, a hair care formula that contains Nioxydine24 technology, which is said to be clinically proven to promote hair density by providing powerful antioxidants to the scalp surface. The new treatment, said to be inspired by Nioxin's skin care approach to hair care and the body's nightly regeneration cycles, enters a new era of skin care for the scalp, delivering a 24 hour approach to thinning. According to Nioxin, 82% of people say they would use a night time treatment to promote hair density.

Recent studies have shown that free radicals in the environment can trigger scalp oxidation and ultimately, hair thinning. Free radicals are unstable molecules that, in an attempt to become more stable, steal electrons from other molecules which results in oxidative damage. This process is similar to the skin damage caused by the sun. To combat and minimize this damage in the world of skin care, there are a multitude of night time product regimens that both protect and repair skin. As night is the optimum time for the body to rest and repair itself, this is a prime opportunity to treat the hair and scalp as well, according to the company, which is a unit of Procter & Gamble.

Nioxin's Night Density Rescue is a leave-on treatment featuring Nioxydine24 technology, clinically proven to promote hair density by delivering powerful antioxidants to the scalp. The powerful antioxidants found in the Nioxydine24 technology target and neutralize free radicals, minimizing damage. According to the company, the Nioxydine24 technology contains a powerful mix of antioxidants including biotin, caffeine, vitamin E and ginger root extract that when combined, target free radicals on the scalp surface to promote hair density.

Nioxin's Night Density Rescue treatment combines Nioxin's unique 3D approach to hair care, optimizing the scalp surface environment while strengthening and thickening existing hair strands. The Night Density Rescue treatment helps address two specific areas associated with hair thinning, derma and density. The treatment is applied directly onto the scalp surface using the provided pipette. It is available in salons for $45.00.

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