Acme-Hardesty To Showcase New Actives Technologies

Learn about EnTiv Azelaic Acid, derived from sunflower oil using an innovative proprietary process, and pick up a formulation kit, too.


By: Christine Esposito

Acme-Hardesty To Showcase New Actives Technologies

Acme-Hardesty, a leading distributor of specialty ingredients for personal care, will exhibit exciting new technologies at the Sunscreen Symposium. Brand new to the company’s personal care portfolio is an innovative line of oleosome technologies, Botaneco, a unique line of water-soluble oils and formulation solutions, ResPharma, and a high-performing line of actives, including hyaluronic solutions.

Launching alongside these technologies is a new line of actives that will elevate cosmetics with SPF boosting antioxidant-rich and naturally captivating shades.

Lastly, Acme-Hardesty has launched a special grade of azelaic acid, EnTiv Azelaic Acid. EnTiv Azelaic Acid is derived from sunflower oil using an innovative proprietary process that is radically different from existing technologies that produce azelaic acid. The unique production method produces the highest purity azelaic acid (99%) with low environmental impact. The ending fine white powder has a particle size of less than 50 microns; enhance formulation ease and give a soft and silky skin feel to final products.

Acme-Hardesty will feature six new Sun Care formulations including its highly coveted, SPF 60+ Sunscreen Cream.

Visit Acme-Hardesty, booth #50, to pick up your exclusive formulation kit and see these fantastic ingredients and formulations in action.

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