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Aerosol Composition Enhances Hair Softness

&G is awarded US Patent11,986,542 B2 for an aerosol dry conditioner system.

US Patent No. 11,986,542 B2; (Jose Antonio Carballada, Lauren Elizabeth Ballhaus, Ron Walker, Jennifer Mary Marsh, Supriya Punyani, Qing Stella, Curtis Bobby Motley, Bernd Findeis, Ingo Peter Herkert); The Procter & Gamble Company has patented a method to improve softness of hair. It entails use of an aerosol dry conditioner system comprised of approximately 25-70% liquefied propellant; 0.1- 0.96% oleic acid; 0.04% – 0.42% glycerol monooleate; and 10-75 wt.% non-aqueous volatile solvent (where in a weight ratio of oleic acid to glycerol monooleate is about 1:1 to about 2.5:1). The method then involves identifying a hair tip that is damaged due to loss of lipids, applying the composition to the hair tip; and allowing it to stay on the hair tip so the glycerol monooleate enhances penetration of the oleic acid and the oleic acid is incorporated into the lipid layer, thereby replenishing the lipid layer and improving hair oftness.

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