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Botaneco Opens Sustainability Center of Excellence

Lambertville, NJ site brings company even closer to its customers.


By: Tom Branna

Botaneco Opens Sustainability Center of Excellence

Botaneco has opened a new laboratory and office in New Jersey to help personal care product makers formulate highly functional products from sustainable ingredients (for a look at the new site, click here). The facility primarily serves as a resource for formulators that require oleosomes and other components of oilseeds to create new product innovations and improve upon consumer-perceivable benefits in skin, sun and hair care applications.

“As personal care product innovators move to advance the capabilities of personal care formulas, and at the same time improve the sustainability profile of products, they may now call on the formulation experts at Botaneco in the Garden State,” said James Szarko, president & CEO, Botaneco. “Our team at the New Jersey Sustainability Center of Excellence offers high- performing prototypes made possible by a single, multifunctional, sustainable technology, such as oleosomes.”

Through a sustainable process, Botaneco isolates natural, multifunctional ingredients from oilseeds that enhance the performance personal care products.

At the Lambertville facility, Botaneco researchers can show major producers of skin and hair care products how it is possible to make effective formulations with sustainable technology, a value proposition that they maintain is often viewed at odds in formulation laboratories.

“Establishing a presence in the New York metropolitan area brings Botaneco closer to major name brand companies who have stated that their future is rooted in sustainable, yet effective, personal care products. The New Jersey team adds to our formulation expertise present in our other locations, further strengthening our capability to produce prototype formulations that enhance the performance of personal care formulas naturally,” said Szarko.


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