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Chapstick Taps Rachel Bilson

Actress to appear in robust marketing plan for Pfizer-owned lip balm.

Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, the makers of ChapStick lip balm, have named Rachel Bilson as the brand’s newest spokesperson. Bilson will appear in a robust marketing campaign to elevate the importance of skincare for lips and communicate the iconic brand’s continued innovation.
The partnership with the brand will focus on the advanced skin care line featuring ChapStick Total Hydration 100% Natural, billed as an-age defying formula that is available in two different flavors – Fresh Citrus and Soothing Vanilla. The actress will play an integral role in spreading the word about the beautifying and skincare benefits of the new products and how the ChapStick brand continues to deliver advanced products to consumers, according to Pfizer.
“The goal of our campaign is to open consumers’ eyes to overall lip and skincare needs since the lips are one of the most sensitive areas of skin on the body,” said Donna Barker, senior director, ChapStick. “Rachel Bilson embodies our consumer who focuses on a balance of both beauty and skincare, making her the perfect candidate to represent the brand’s expertise of skincare for lips.”
The campaign will show consumers how ChapStick continues to move in new directions, focusing on advanced skincare product innovation. The campaign will kick off with a television advertisement featuring Bilson and a series of print ads developed by the Burns Group, New York.

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