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Dove Names Latest Dermatologist

Barba to help promote personal care collection.


By: Melissa Meisel

Dove Names Latest Dermatologist

When it comes to skin care routines, underarms rarely get the attention they deserve. However, leading experts agree it's an area of the body that should not be ignored because it is prone to a range of irritating skin conditions. To help educate women on the importance of underarm care and to provide solutions for maintaining their naturally beautiful skin, Dove is announcing a new partnership with board-certified dermatologist Dr. Alicia Barba.
“Odor and wetness protection is often the beginning and end of how women care for their underarms, but moisturizing is also key for this sensitive skin area to avoid conditions such as red and dark marks, irritation and dryness,” said Dr. Barba. “Dove Dry Spray infuses moisturizers into its formula to help prevent dryness and maintain the skin’s balance.”
Since its 2015 introduction to the U.S., Dove Dry Spray has taken the beauty world by storm as a trending product that has made its way into more than 3 million households to date with momentum accelerating into 2016. The product is available in eight signature Dove scents, including new Original Clean and Soothing Chamomile. The full line of products can be purchased at mass, food and drug retailers nationwide for $5.49.

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