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Dow Commits to Carbon Neutrality by 2050

Joins the American Cleaning Institute's Climate Challenge.

Dow committed to the American Cleaning Institute’s (ACI) Climate Challenge with goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the cleaning products value chain and confront climate change head on. The ACI Climate Challenge is the first step in ACI’s new roadmap for action on climate change, with the target of limiting the global temperature rise to 1.5°C.

Dow’s “protect the climate” targets reflect the company’s commitment to reduce its net annual carbon emissions by 5 million metric tons by 2030 versus its 2020 baseline and ensure Dow’s ecosystem is carbon neutral by 2050. This initiative by Dow corresponds to the overarching goal or decarbonization set forth by ACI’s Climate Challenge.

“A sustainable future can only be attained if we address the issues at the root of climate change, and ACI’s 1.5°C Climate Challenge is a significant step in the right direction,” said Eric Peeters, global director of sustainability, performance materials & coatings, Dow. “By ensuring the products Dow sells continue to become more sustainable and advancing manufacturing operations, Dow continues to prioritize sustainability goals.”

As a major user of energy and producer of technologies that are essential to a lower-carbon economy, Dow is in a unique position of responsibility to act. The “protect the climate” targets represent Dow’s commitment to collaborate with suppliers, customers, and value chain partners to reduce net annual carbon emissions. Within the home care market specifically, Dow is exploring the expansion of surfactants to include biosurfactants made from fermentation or green chemistry processes, introducing biodegradable ingredient alternatives, and designing technologies that reduce materials, packaging waste, and energy costs without sacrificing performance.

In addition to Dow’s “protect the climate” targets, the company is also committed to “stop the waste” by enabling 1 million metric tons of plastic to be collected, reused or recycled through its direct actions and partnerships. Dow has also committed to redesigning and promoting reusable or recyclable packaging applications, which is reflected in its “close the loop” target to enable 100 percent of Dow products sold into packaging applications to be reusable or recyclable.

By joining the ACI’s Climate Challenge, Dow and other organizations are setting an industry example of what climate action leadership looks like. Read more about the challenge here.

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