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DSM Debuts Peptide for Peepers

Syn-Eye is ideal for anti-aging skin care.


By: Melissa Meisel

DSM Debuts Peptide for Peepers

DSM Personal Care launched its new multifunctional anti-aging peptide complex, Syn-Eye. According to the company, this innovative product further extends DSM’s Syn-Peptides product range, in response to consumers’ desire to have lineless eyes.
This 4-in-1 complex combines the latest DSM Syn-Peptide technology with superior bioactives in a multifunctional product aimed at meeting the consumer’s high expectations for eye care. A clinical study carried out over 30 days on a group of 30 volunteers demonstrated fast and visible results.
All ingredients contained in Syn-Eye are listed in the Inventory of Existing Cosmetic Ingredients in China (IECIC), alongside the peptides contained in Syn-Coll, Syn-Ake and Syn-Hycan peptides, indexed earlier.



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