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Eraclea Debuts Skin Care Range

Unveils products in five categories infused with HylaFusion.

By: Happi Staff

Eraclea Debuts Skin Care Range

eraclea, a line of skin care products that delivers measurable results to help maintain healthy, youthful-looking skin, began nearly four decades ago when two friends started on a quest to find a better way to hydrate and refresh aging skin. 
Dr. Janet L. Denlinger PhD, who was on the medical faculty at Columbia University and later co-founded a biotech research company, and Morgan Hare, a medical and cosmetics marketing executive, were unhappy with the superficial skin care products available on the market.
After spending years advancing the scientific understanding of hyaluronic acid, Dr. Denlinger developed HylaFusion as a delivery system for hyaluronic acid and other ingredients such as antioxidants, vitamins, peptides and botanicals.
The Science Behind HylaFusion
HylaFusion was developed by the Matrix Biology Institute and is based on decades of research on the structure, function and uses of various forms of hyaluronic acid, one of the molecular building blocks of our body’s intercellular matrix. Using propriety polymerization methods, a network of large hyaluronic acid molecular chain assemblies is formed. This hyaluronic acid network can absorb and release relatively large volumes of water that can contain water-soluble molecules, much like a sponge. 
HylaFusion, used in all eraclea products, is different from all other forms of hyaluronic acid available today. Acting like a “second skin,” the patented hyaluronic acid complex hydrates the stratum corneum, the skin’s surface layer, and maintains movement of water, biologically active ingredients and small water-soluble molecules into the skin’s deeper layers. The result is that Hylafusion continues to retain and deliver water and soluble ingredients even when the skin feels dry.
A Full Range of Products
eraclea offers products in five different categories, and infuses each and every product with HylaFusion. Thus, each product effectively delivers biologically active molecules to the skin in order to prevent premature aging, improve skin elasticity and suppleness, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improves the overall vitality of the skin.
The categories address essential activities from cleansing and exfoliation to acne care.

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