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Evonik Acquires French Biotech Startup

Alkion Biopharma SAS specializes in active ingredients for cosmetics.

Evonik Industries concluded a purchase agreement to take over start-up French firm Alkion Biopharma SAS, headquartered in Evry. Alkion specializes in the development of biotechnological active ingredients for the cosmetics industry and was founded as a spin-off of the Imperial College London in 2011.
The transaction is due to be completed this month. The purchase price has not been disclosed.   
Alkion Biopharma SAS is one of the leading manufacturers of biotechnologically developed cosmetic active ingredients. The company has developed methods for cultivating plant biomass under laboratory conditions and obtaining extracts from this with an exceptionally high yield of complex ingredients. The entire process takes place without altering the plant genome.

“We are simply reinforcing the strength of nature. This results in unique, innovative cosmetic actives,” said Dr. Franck Michoux, founder and CEO of Alkion. He believes the affiliation with Evonik will provide outstanding opportunities for successful marketing of this technology.    
“Thanks to its formulation and application expertise, Evonik enjoys an excellent reputation in the cosmetics industry. We are resolutely continuing along this path with the acquisition of Alkion,” said Dr. Tammo Boinowitz, head of the personal care business Line at Evonik. By taking over the French biotech company, Evonik is strengthening its portfolio of specialty active ingredients. “This allows us to offer customers product concepts to set themselves apart from competitors.” 

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