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Evonik Highlights Solutions for Malodor Reduction

Check out its April 21 webinar: ‘Capture the Stink and Lock it Up Safe with Tego Sorb.’

From 2017 to 2020, there has been a 48% increase in new product launches globally for hard surface cleaning products that claim “odor neutralizing” properties, according to Mintel. Underlying this increased demand are consumers who expect the “feel of clean” to be represented through the “smell of clean.” In other words, elimination of malodor has become a salient expectation from the cleaning process.
Traditional approaches such as disinfection can reduce malodor but can come with undesirable consequences. Instead, Evonik offers chemistry to eliminate odor molecules, leading to a reduction of malodor without impacting fragrances that can add to the “feel of clean” of a formulation. Its Tego Sorb product offerings provide formulators with choices tailored to different pH levels and applications.


On April 21, 10am – 11am Eastern time, Evonik will highlight these solutions through a webinar entitled “Capture the Stink and Lock it Up Safe with Tego Sorb.” Those interested to attend the event can register online.

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