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Flower Power

Barrymore goes global with cosmetics brand


By: Tom Branna

Flower Power

Things are coming up roses for Drew Barrymore. Her Flower Beauty cosmetics may expand beyond Walmart and into China, Australia and the UK, as well as South America this year. Plus, the actress/director-turned-makeup-maven is set to launch an e-commerce business.

Flower Beauty, launched in 1,600 Walmart stores in 2013, is now in 2,500 stores, according to Walmart spokeswoman Molly Blakeman, who didn't supply sales volume. The Flower Beauty range runs from $5 for lipgloss to $14 for foundation.

“The name of the game is about how you financially succeed fast enough so somebody doesn’t dump you, and grow slowly and thoughtfully so that you are just not a flash in the pan,” said Barrymore, 40, in a one-hour address at the annual industry forum sponsored by investment bank Financo earlier this week. Her father-in-law Arie Kopelman, the former president of Chanel, led the discussion in a room full of several hundred fashion industry executives.

Last year, Barrymore started selling an eyewear collection, also exclusively with Walmart. She  told The Associated Press earlier this week she wants to expand into clothing, though it’s unlikely it will be with Walmart, even though she said she will always give the Bentonville, Arkansas-based discounter “first right of refusal.”

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