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Hair Care Brand Fleuria Beauty to Launch Active Botanical Hair Growth Serum

Organic serum contains 31 plant-based oils and extracts to aid in hair growth.

US-based hair care brand Fleuria Beauty will launch a groundbreaking luxury hair growth and repair serum that has the internet buzzing—so much, there currently stands a 20,000-person waitlist for its Active Botanical Hair Growth Serum and a needed password to purchase them.  
“It takes over six months to make one batch of our hair growth serum due to the labor-intensive process of cultivating and extracting the oils we use in our formulations,” said Seraphina de Fleur, the brand’s founder. 
Beauty influencers have dubbed Fleuria the “Hermes of Hair Care” due to the brand’s exclusivity and commitment to quality. Fleuria’s new product is an organic serum that contains 31 plant-based oils and extracts. According to the brand, a large percentage of the ingredients used in their serum is grown and harvested directly from the founder’s US-based organic farm.
“We try to grow as much of the ingredients as we can on my family farm,” said de Fleur. “Anything we can’t produce ourselves we source from abroad using high quality, organic, fair-trade suppliers.”
Seraphina holds a master of science degree from McGill University and credits both her late mother and her indigenous roots as the inspiration for the brand.
“My mother was an avid gardener and naturopathic practitioner,” she said. “Born and raised in a small afro-indigenous community located in the Amazon rainforest, my mom grew up using plant-based medicinal recipes that have been passed down in our family for over 150 years. She taught me how to create and use my own formulations. So I guess you could say formulating plant-based treatments is in my blood.”
Fleuria Beauty is a 100% minority woman-owned and operated company. They produce the majority of their product ingredients on one of the only minority female-owned and operated farms in Connecticut.
Due to high demand, buyers of the Active Botanical Hair Growth Serum will need to use a password to access the website on launch day. 
“We’re issuing passwords on launch day that will be valid for only 48 hours,” said Anya Mora, Fleuria’s director of operations. “We’re doing this so that everyone on the waitlist has a fair chance to purchase our products.”
Fleuria Beauty will launch their product line on January 10, 2023 at noon EST. To join the waitlist go their website here.

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