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Horn To Represent Bayliss Botanicals

Organic ingredients certified by USDA, NSF International, Ecocert and COSMOS.

Horn will represent Bayliss Botanicals through its specialty team of formulating chemists within its Horn Care Elements business unit.
Bayliss Botanicals boasts organic ingredients certified by U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), NSF International, Ecocert and COSMOS. Freshly harvested crops are immediately steam distilled though a proprietary process that preserves the original purity and integrity of the chemical structure. The quality of the distillates is then rigorously controlled using cutting-edge purity tests to offer the purest natural and organic products commercially available. Bayliss Botanicals ingredients are unadulterated, sustainably produced and grown within the U.S. on a family-run farm that has been in operation for 150 years.
“A matriarch of certified organic standards, Bayliss Botanicals championed for real ingredients in personal care and cosmetics products, and has been a pioneer in California farming since the 1860s,” said Jeff Martin, president, Horn Specialties Division. “The heritage that Bayliss brings to Hron elevates our expertise in organics and helps our technical sales team offer an edge on market trends. This partnership translates to greater service capabilities, a broader range of options for our customers and a platform to introduce Bayliss to parallel markets we already serve.”
“Bayliss Botanicals is dedicated to offering ingredients that preserve the purity and essence of nature,” said Donna Bayliss, owner and chief executive officer, Bayliss Botanicals. “The technical knowledge of the HORN team seamlessly dovetails with Bayliss’ unmatched organic botanical expertise and product offering. Together, we are positioned to leverage the specialized strengths of each company and provide customers with quality ingredients and an unparalleled level of service.”

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