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HSN Sees Success With Meg 21

Skin care with Supplamine appears on shopping hub.

Dermatologists, plastic surgeons and estheticians have long recommended Meg 21 with Supplamine products to patients to raise the health and beauty profile of their skin.  As a result, the brand launched in March on the HSN Beauty Report with Amy Morrison, and greatly exceeded expectations.  As a result, Dr. Annette Tobia, company founder and CEO, was immediately rescheduled to appear on April 6, on two HSN beauty hour programs: The Beauty Report with Amy Morrison which airs at 1am; and Tan Towel Beauty/Meg 21 Skincare with Kathy Wolf at 1pm.
The skin care segment as a whole is doing well on the network right now, as previously reported in Happi with brands sich as Miracle Skin Transformer and Biossance.

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