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Inside Out: Grooming motivation comes from within, study finds

Grooming motivation comes from within, GfK study finds.

New GfK findings show that “to feel good about myself” and “to please my spouse or partner” are the top two motivators for grooming among US consumers. 
The results are part of a new GfK survey – among more than 27,000 consumers in 22 countries – investigating reasons for trying to look good and the amount of time spent on grooming.
GfK asked consumers to choose among common reasons for personal grooming, which is defined here as any activities involving bathing, shaving, dressing, hair and make-up. The most popular motivation in the US, cited by 62% of consumers here, is “to feel good about myself.”
Americans spend an average of 5.3 hours weekly on personal grooming. Globally, 60% of consumers cited “to feel good about myself” as their main grooming motivation; respondents worldwide spend roughly four hours weekly on grooming practices.
In the US, “to please my spouse or partner” and “to express individuality” were tied as the second most cited reason for grooming, scoring 35% each. “To make a good first impression” took fourth place (34%), and “because it makes me feel in control” came in fifth (33%).
Among Americans, gender plays a vital role in the motivations for personal grooming. Despite holding mostly similar views, men and women assign different levels of importance to each motivation. For example, even though both men and women cite self-esteem as their top motivation, a significantly greater proportion of women mentioned it as their biggest reason (71% versus 52%), said GfK.

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