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Jergens Launches Mother’s Day Campaign

Shines a light on nontraditional and under-recognized moms.

This Mother’s Day, Jergens Skin Care is launching the “A Mom is a Mom” campaign, celebrating all moms, from those for whom Mother’s Day is beloved old hat; to new moms as they enter the fold.

A key objective of the campaign is to shine a light on nontraditional and under-recognized moms.

On April 19, Jergens kicked off the campaign with a hero video on the brand’s YouTube, capturing the personal motherhood journeys of a diverse group of real moms, and their families, including an adoptive mom, a foster mom, two moms and a transgender mom. See the video below.

Select moms will also feature personal testimonials about what it means to be a mom, and cut-downs of the hero video within their personal social media channels in the week leading up to Mother’s Day.

In an effort to ensure inclusivity, Jergens sought the counsel of key advocacy groups, including GLAAD, Project Race and Voice for Adoption, and worked alongside each to thoroughly vet the script and video direction.

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