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Lipotec Launches Peptide Pearls

Billed as an alternative to Botulinum toxin A.


By: Tom Branna

Lipotec Launches Peptide Pearls

Lipotec has introduced paraben-free vegetal capsules containing its Argireline peptide NF. According to Lipotec, it is the first peptide to provide a safe, topical alternative to Botulinum toxin A to reduce expression wrinkles and fine lines, according to the company.

• When tested in a cream containing 10%, reduced wrinkle depth by 16.9% after 15 days and by 27% after 30 days.
• When tested in a cream containing 5%, reduced the average skin roughness by 20.4% after 28 days.
• New clinical study with a cream containing 2% Argireline peptide solution NF reduced the average volume (by 20.6%) and length (by 15.9%) of wrinkles by the end of a 7-day treatment.

The serum texture helps hydration and provides a silky effect on the skin, according to Lipotec. The monodose vegetal capsules are ready-to-use and prevent degradation of active ingredients.

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