Low-VOC Cleaning Composition

US Patent No. 9,234,165 B2; Clorox has patented a cleaning substrate. It is comprised of a substrate; a cleaning composition, loaded onto said substrate, that consist of cationic biocides, one or more surfactants (selected form the group consisting of anionic surfactants and zwitterionic surfactants and any combinations thereof); a first solvent comprising a glycol ether; a second solvent (selected from the group consisting of: methanol, ethanol, isopropanol, propanol, butyl alcohol, sec-butyl alcohol, isobutyl alcohol, tert-butyl alcohol, pentyl alcohol, tert-pentyl alcohol, 2-pentanol, 3-pentanol, neopentyl alcohol, allyl, crotyl, methylvinyl-carbinol, ethyl ether, -propyl ether, isopropyl ether, -butyl ether, vinyl ether, allyl ether, polyalkylene glycols, short chain carboxylic acids, short chain esters, water, and any mixtures or combinations thereof); and optionally, one or more adjuncts selected from the group consisting of buffers, fragrances, solvents, perfumes, builders, stabilizers, defoamers, thickeners, hydrotropes, biocide release agents, anti-microbial compounds, enzymes, bleaching agents, cloud point modifiers and preservatives.

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