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Contract cleaning services to grow 3.2%


By: Tom Branna

Maid to Order?

Driven by improvements in construction spending, disposable income and new business formation, revenues for contract (non-proprietary) cleaning services in the US are forecast to advance 3.2% annually to $65 billion in 2019, according to a new study by The Freedonia Group, Cleveland, OH. 

The nonresidential market accounts for the vast majority of cleaning service revenues, and ongoing expansion in both the amount of nonresidential floor space and the number of businesses will bolster demand for contract cleaning services, according to Freedonia analysts.

“Demand for cleaning services in the nonresidential market is more inelastic than in the residential market because cleaning functions are often essential to providing a safe and clean facility for customers and employees,” said Analyst Joseph Kocian.

Demand for contract cleaning services in the residential market will accelerate through 2019 due to an increased number of households, an aging population, and the high number of dual-income households. Older citizens are sometimes less able to perform cleaning tasks than they once were, particularly as a growing share choose to stay in their homes and age in place.  Accelerating growth in disposable personal income levels will also benefit residential cleaning services. 

Interior building cleaning services are the largest contributor to cleaning service revenues, accounting for nearly three-quarters of the total in 2014, according to Freedonia. Growth in revenues will be bolstered by expansions in both the number of business establishments and the number of dual-income households. Outsourcing as a means of reducing operating costs will continue to support the use of contract interior cleaning services in nonresidential markets. While revenues for most types of cleaning sources will expand at a near average pace, flooring and fabric cleaning revenues will grow more slowly as a growing number of potential customers shift away from carpeting or opt to clean their surfaces themselves.    


(million dollars)
% Annual Growth
  Item      2009 2014 2019 2009-
Contract Cleaning Service Revenues 48525 55650 65050 2.8 3.2
Interior Cleaning 35590 41000 48200 2.9 3.3
Floors & Fabrics 5160 5665 6295 1.9 2.1
Exterior Cleaning 2260 2660 3160 3.3 3.5
Swimming Pools 2000 2180 2555 1.7 3.2
Restoration & Remediation 1200 1445 1710 3.8 3.4
Other Cleaning Services 2315 2700 3130 3.1 3.0

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