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Most Trusted Brands Revealed

Did your personal and household care product make the list?

BrandSpark International has announced its 2016 Most Trusted Awards winners for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands. 
The results are based on the annual BrandSpark American Shopper Study, which has more than 38,000 shoppers.
“Whether buying products for a new baby, treating a headache, choosing the right acne product or even which brand of egg to buy, shoppers want to make sure they are bringing products from trusted brands into their homes.  Now shoppers can find out which brands were most trusted by other shoppers in a national survey,” said Robert Levy, President and CEO of BrandSpark International.  “The annual BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards honors the brands Americans trust most, those they would recommend to friends and neighbors.  This award boosts shoppers confidence when making a purchase decision in store aisles.”

According to the BrandSpark American Shopper study, 68% of American shoppers will try new products from the brands they trust most
And while 67% said they try to purchase their trusted brand names on sale rather than buy generic or store brand versions, 43% now say they are less loyal to brands than they were in the past, making it even more important for marketers to remind shoppers of the trusted relationship they've enjoyed with the brand's products in the past.
According to BrandSpark, 7 in 10 regularly stick with their top brand of deodorant or antiperspirant, ahead of other personal care categories. Makeup, hair color and shampoo are other categories where 2 in 3 shoppers prefer to stick with their top brands.
Personal Care Brands                                                                                       
Acne Treatment: Neutrogena
Adult Sunscreen:  Coppertone
Adult Tooth Pain Relief*:  Orajel
Anti-Aging Facial Care:  Olay
Body Moisturizer: Aveeno / Jergens (tie)
Body Wash: Dove
Cold Sore Remedy*:  Abreva
Electric Toothbrush*: Oral-B
Facial Cleanser:  Neutrogena
Foundation:  CoverGirl
Hair Color: L'Oréal
Hair Removal:  Nair
Hair Treatment:  L'Oréal
Lip Balm*:   Chapstick
Lip Color:  Revlon
Mascara: Maybelline
Men's Body Spray: Axe
Men's Deodorant / Antiperspirant: Old Spice
Men's Shampoo & Conditioner: Head & Shoulders
Men's Shaving: Gillette
Men's Skin Care:  Dove+Men Care
Mouthwash: Listerine
Sensitive Toothpaste*:  Sensodyne
Teeth Whitening*:  Crest
Toothbrush: Colgate
Toothpaste:  Crest
Topical Pain Relief: Ben Gay / Icy Hot / Neosporin (tie)
Women's Deodorant / Antiperspirant: Secret 
Women's Facial Skin Care: Olay
Women's Shampoo and Conditioner: Pantene
Women's Shaving :  Gillette Venus

Household Brands             
Air Freshener: Febreze
Cleaning Aids: Clorox
Dish Soap: Dawn
Dishwasher Detergent: Cascade
Fabric Softener:   Downy
Floor Cleaner:   Mr. Clean / Pine-Sol (tie)
Hand Soap:  Dial
Household Cleaning: Lysol 
Insect Repellent:  Off!
Laundry Detergent: Tide 
Laundry Stain Remover: Shout

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