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Nailing It in 2020

Consumer demand for hair color and nail care soared during the past year, according to IRI.

By: Happi Staff

Nailing It in 2020

When you're stuck at home with nowhere to go, it's a great time to redo your hair and your nails. That's got to be the reason behind IRI data that finds sales of unisex hair color soared nearly 71% for the 52 weeks ended December 27, 2021, according to IRI, the Chicago-based market research firm. When things finally open up and masks come off, expect color cosmetics to post good gains. But until then, IRI analysts predict hair color and skin care to lead the mass personal care market.

Here are the Top10 Fastest Growing Categories

1. Unisex hair coloring, up 70.7%
2. Artificial nails, up 40.2%
3. Nail treatment, up 18.6%
4. Nail polish, up 14.5%
5. Facial moisturizers, up 14.3%
6. Home perm kit, up 13.9%
7. Depilatories, up 10.7%
8. Eyelash adhesives, up 9.8%
9. Hair conditioner/cream rinse, up 7.5%
10. Sharpeners, up 6.8%

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