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NYX Professional Makeup Launches Campaign at LA Pride

The brand kicked off this year's campaign on June 8 featuring new product giveaways.

NYX Professional Makeup Launches Campaign at LA Pride

For Pride Month, NYX Professional Makeup has launched a campaign highlighting the importance of familial support.

NYX Professional Makeup has launched the “Family Can’t Be Framed” Pride campaign. The campaign welcomes three chosen families including: members of the House of Avalon collective, which is a group of drag queens, stylists and creatives, including RuPaul’s’ Drag Race’ winner Symone and finalist Gigi Goode; celebrity stylist Marko Monroe; co-founder Hunter Crenshaw; makeup artist Riley Holden; drag queen Grant Vanderbilt; and social media personality Caleb Feeney; professional football cheerleaders Napoleon Jinnies, Jose Capetillo, and Eswinn Diaz; LA LGBT Center members Jack Alghannam, Mark Chavez, Heather Torres, Roblez, Daniella David and Rhanyon Orosco.

“To us, family isn’t always defined as the people who are related to you,” said Marko Monroe, House of Avalon member. “Family is, most importantly, the people in your life who are honest, unconditionally loving, and will be there for you no matter what.”

Product Giveaways at Pride in the Park

NYX Professional Makeup will celebrate this year’s campaign by taking part in LA Pride in the Park with an interactive, immersive brand experience; a colorful, vibrant house party celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community and culture was open to consumers on June 8 featuring family portrait opportunities and product giveaways. The brand also participated in the LA Pride parade on June 9.

A longtime partner of the LA LGBT Center, NYX Professional Makeup continues to provide educational resources for consumers with their “Proud Allies for All” program, a year-round initiative to celebrate love, support and equality by cultivating global alliances with LGBTQIA+.

NYX Professional Makeup’s ally education quiz has been a key tool in providing education to audiences and can be accessed here.

NYX Professional Makeup is a supporter and ally of LGBTQIA+ initiatives, donating more than $750,000 in contributions to global charities over the years including to the LA LGBT Center.

“We are proud to highlight chosen families in celebration of our ‘Family Can’t Be Framed’ Pride campaign this year and continue our always-on brand commitment behind Proud Allies for All,” said Andrea Muguerza, vice president of marketing at NYX Professional Makeup. “We want to emphasize the importance of inclusion and acceptance of the LGBTQIA+ community, and their chosen families as an essential support system.”

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