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Pretty Young Things

Mary Kay's sales force is younger, more diverse.


By: Tom Branna

Pretty Young Things

You're not getting older…you're getting younger? Now, who among us can say that? The Mary Kay Cosmetics' sales force, that's who! The faces of Mary Kay entrepreneurs are looking younger, not only because of the company's skin care and color cosmetics but also due to a growing number of young Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants. Forty-seven percent of the more than 325,000 people who started a Mary Kay business in the US in 2015 are between ages 18-34, according to the company. It marks the 15th consecutive year more than 300,000 women started a Mary Kay business.

“Our unparalleled business opportunity appeals to a wide range of ages and backgrounds, and Millennials bring a unique set of talents and expectations,” explained Sara Friedman, VP-US marketing, Mary Kay Inc. “These young women are tech-savvy and digitally connected. They're looking for flexibility and not a 9 to 5, one-size-fits-all position. A Mary Kay business can be customized to each person's individual goals and our company's established social media presence and leading edge digital technology have also proven to be attractive business-building tools.”

As Mary Kay's independent sales force grows younger, it's also more diverse.

Fifty-one percent of women who started a Mary Kay business in 2015 are Latina, Asian or African American and comprise 33% of Mary Kay's overall independent sales force.
Latinas make up 35% of new Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants and comprise 22% of the company's total independent sales force.

“The fundamental principles of the Mary Kay opportunity are appealing to women of every demographic,” said Darrell Overcash, president, North America Region. “Our independent sales force is more diverse with more and more Millennial women starting Mary Kay businesses. The long-standing appeal of our irresistible beauty products combined with the flexibility of the Mary Kay business opportunity continues to appeal to women across the board.”

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