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Rea.deeming Beauty Settles Applicator Suit with Avon

Trademark infringement claims about unauthorized sale of makeup sponges.

Rea.deeming Beauty, Inc., the Bethlehem, PA-based maker of beautyblender makeup sponge applicators, has settled its trademark infringement claims against Avon Products Inc. and Avon Cosmetics Limited arising out of Avon's unauthorized sale of hot pink makeup sponges under the name “Beauty Blender.” 
As part of this recent settlement, Avon admitted liability for infringing Rea.deeming Beauty's intellectual property rights, made a substantial monetary payment to the company and agreed that in the future it will not infringe the beautyblender trademark or pass off its sponge makeup applicators as authentic beautyblender products.
The beautyblender makeup sponge has become increasingly susceptible to copycats seeking to unlawfully trade on the product's well-known brand name, recognizable shape and color, according to Rea.deeming Beauty. In recent years the company Beauty has begun to aggressively combat the sale of infringing and counterfeit products.
To date Rea.deeming Beauty's worldwide enforcement efforts have resulted in the removal of over one thousand infringing and counterfeit product listings on sites such as Amazon, Groupon, eBay, Poshmark and Alibaba.
“We hope that our ongoing efforts against Avon and others will send a message to both our customers and would-be infringers that Rea.deeming Beauty is fully committed to aggressively pursuing even the largest companies when they violate our intellectual property rights,” said Rea.deeming Beauty's president and CEO Rea Ann Silva.  “Rea.deeming Beauty has an unsurpassed reputation of providing high-quality, trusted tools, such as the beautyblender makeup sponge, that are coveted and endorsed by professionals and everyday women alike.  We are 100% committed to ensuring that our customers continue to receive the level of quality they expect and deserve from the beautyblender name.” 

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