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Register For Sustainable Cosmetics Summit

Learn how green ingredients are spurring innovation in the cosmetics industry on June 4-6.

Green ingredients, sustainability metrics and customer impacts are focal themes of the 15th North American edition of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit
The executive summit will take place in New York City on June 4 to 6.
Attendees will learn how green ingredients spurring innovation in the cosmetics industry; how new technologies are creating novel ingredients; how operators are measuring their various impacts; the best practices in impact communications; and how consumers can be encouraged to be more responsible and make sustainable product purchases.
The Sustainable Cosmetics Summit is devised for key stakeholders in the beauty industry that include:
• Cosmetic brand owners & manufacturers;
• Chemical, raw material & ingredient companies;
• Retailers & distributors;
• Packaging companies;
• Industry organizations;
• Certification agencies;
• Academics & researchers;
Investors & financiers; and
Other stake holders.
Go here to register.

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