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Rivertop Renewables, DTI Open Glucarate Acid Plant


By: Tom Branna

Rivertop Renewables, DTI Open Glucarate Acid Plant

Rivertop Renewables and DTI have jointly opened a glucarate acid production plant at DTI’s US site in Danville, VA. According to Rivertop CEO Mike Knauf this is the first of several planned production facilities for its technology.

“We’re producing three different products for customers in a variety of industries, and the success here in Danville is paving the way for investment in additional glucarate capacity,” he said.

The new facility will primarily produce three product lines, including Riose, an automatic dishwasher detergent; Waterline, a water treatment industry additive with corrosion inhibitors and chelating agents; and Headwaters, a corrosion inhibitor for salt brine mixtures used as a de-icer on roads.

The facility will use Rivertop’s proprietary oxidation process technology, and expects to produce £10m per year. 

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