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Safic-Alcan Cosmetics Now in US with ChemSpec Polymer Additives


By: Tom Branna

Safic-Alcan Cosmetics Now in US with ChemSpec Polymer Additives

Safic-Alcan Group’s cosmetics activity in the US was officially slated to start on Sept. 1, 2015, within its subsidiary ChemSpec Polymer Additives. This approach is in line with the strategic vision of the group to expand geographically in countries with strong market potential, according to the company.

The firm’s portfolio was built to respond to American beauty trends and to customer needs and is already diversified thanks to the trust of some existing partners from the Group. Safic-Alcan relied on new partners willing to entrust the distribution of their ranges in the US to the distributor. The product line consists of actives, texturizing agents, preservatives, emollients, oils, butters, waxes and resins, surfactants, pigments and pearlescent pigments.

In order to enrich its portfolio in families of raw materials for which it does not have any principal, the group has launched its own range of cosmetics ingredients. This is also an opportunity to showcase the team’s creativity. This range covers different categories: actives, texturizing agents and emollients. The natural or biotechnological actives have a proven efficacy: anti-aging, antioxidant, anti-pollution, soothing, veinotonic, keratolytic and lipolytic. The texturizing agents are natural (plant and algae derivatives), biotechnological or synthetic and offer the possibility to create a multitude of innovative textures. Safic-Alcan also offers two peel-off alginate-based masks.

The range design will continue with the objective to cover all categories of ingredients needed to develop and manufacture all types of cosmetic products. In fact, ChemSpec expects to offer a wide range of cosmetic ingredients using specialty products. Commodity products will also be distributed in order to fulfill specific market needs and will be complemented with technical, value-added products.

ChemSpec also benefits from the technical support of the applied laboratory of Safic-Alcan France through formula kits developed with ingredients from the Safic-Alcan range and also from widely represented suppliers within the Group.

ChemSpec will participate in the Innovation Circle program at the Cosmopack New York Symposium on Sept. 16-17. 

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