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Sandream To Merge With Impact Colors

Collaboration is effective in New Year.


By: Melissa Meisel

Sandream To Merge With Impact Colors

Sandream and Impact Colors have announced a merger, effective Jan 1, 2016.  With combined resources, the new Sandream Impact LLC looks forward to further increasing services to our valued customers, said the company.

Since Oct 2015, Sandream has expanded its R&D and production site in Fairfield, NJ.  It has more space and equipment now to meet customers’ extensive research and manufacturing needs for innovative products.  From specialty pearls and pigment dispersions to technical assistance and product development, Sandream Impact can accommodate the ever changing requirements of its customers in the cosmetic and color  industries.

New this year is its introduction of the Majestic line that includes four intense and vibrant tropical hued pigments that provide unsurpassed coverage.  Majestic Watermelon, Cranberry, Carrot and Mango are based on natural mica coated with either a concentrated Aluminum Lake or Carmine.  The small particle size, paired with saturated pigmentation, enables the formulator to achieve rich tones with ease, said the company.

Fresh to its synthetic pearl collection, the company has developed a series of unique pastels called Sachet Lustre.  Offering a new spin on traditional pastels, Sachet Lustre Melon, Blush, Lavender, Blue, Seafoam and Citron exude glazed pops of color that set this range apart from current pearlescent pigments available in the industry.

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