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SCJ Donates Off! To Hawaii

Sending 54,000 units to battle mosquitos following dengue fever outbreak.

SC Johnson is making a large donation to Hawaii to help protect against the mosquitoes that may carry dengue fever, following the Fall outbreak of the disease.
Specifically, SCJ will donate 54,000 units of Off! insect repellent to the County of Hawaii Civil Defense Agency.
Since the initial outbreak in Hawaii of dengue fever in the fall of 2015, more than 250 cases have been reported as of early February.  SC Johnson partnered with the County of Hawaii Civil Defense Agency to arrange a shipment. This donation will allow for distribution through social service programs in an effort to help protect as many people as possible against the mosquitoes.
“We are proud to make this donation to support the County of Hawaii Civil Defense Agency in their efforts to protect needy families against the Aedes species of mosquitoes that may carry the dengue virus,” said SC Johnson chairman and CEO Fisk Johnson. “We are a family company that's been protecting families from mosquitoes for decades, so we feel a particular responsibility to help fight the spread of this disease.”
This is the first outbreak of dengue fever in Hawaii since 2011. As of Feb. 8, the Hawaii State Department of Health reported 251 total confirmed cases since the beginning of the outbreak. 

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