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Sephora Announces First Music Collective to Support Up-and-Coming Artists

The program spotlights a collective of diverse musical voices and includes an array of engaging soundtracks that make up the sound of the retailer.

In support of up-and-coming artists, Sephora has launched its first music collective called Sephora Sounds. 
The retailer celebrates and supports diverse voices in the creator community, and Sephora Sounds will further expand these efforts and allow for creator representation across all forms, including musical artists. The program spotlights a collective of diverse musical voices and includes a wide array of engaging and authentic soundtracks that make up the sound of Sephora – a sound of strength and inclusivity to empower all creators. 
Sephora Sounds highlights over 55 emerging artists by amplifying their proprietary music and soundtracks in all of Sephora’s social content and campaigns across TikTok and other social platforms. Sephora will continue to partner with more artists and add musical voices into the mix as the program evolves overtime. Sephora Sounds provides a unique opportunity for underrepresented artists to be prominently spotlighted by the global retailer. Currently, more than half of the signed artists are BIPOC and female.  

Key Data Points  

Over 70% of participating artists said they have never been given a paid brand opportunity; 60% of artists within Sephora Sounds said other musical artists in their circle have never been approached by brands before; and within one month of an artist’s soundtrack being leveraged in a Sephora campaign, Spotify listenership increased to up to 30,000.

2023 Artist Spotlight

Aint Afraid is a multi-talented girl band with twin sisters, Inah and Yahzi, who used singing to overcome the struggles of poverty and homelessness at a young age. Their passion for advocacy can be heard in their music and seen in their community as they’re allies to combatting issues in poverty, homelessness, healthcare, education, hunger, mental health and more. 
SuperKnova, Ellie Kim, aka SuperKnova, is a Korean-American transgender musician who creates queer pop, a unique sound that incorporates electronic drums, moody synths and dreamy guitar solos. She writes about identity, queerness and the struggle to be one’s authentic self. 
Precious is a Nigerian American pop singer-songwriter. She started her journey by posting acoustic covers of popular songs to YouTube and joining a soul band at her school. She later became a signed recording artist, collaborating with artists such as Baby Tate and Rotimi with her venture into pop music.

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