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SOCMA Set for Dec. 7

Annual Dinner at Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan


By: Tom Branna

SOCMA Set for Dec. 7

The Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates (SOCMA) will hold its 94th Annual Dinner on December 7, 2015, at a new location – the Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan in New York City – and feature an educational session with leading chemical industry trade press.

A time-honored tradition, SOCMA's Annual Dinner brings together hundreds of specialty chemical industry leaders and their customers for an evening of fine dining, networking and celebration.

To kick off the event, representatives from four chemical industry trade publications have confirmed their spot in a panel discussion on the latest perspectives and issues impacting specialty chemical manufacturers.

“With Toxic Substances Control Act reform, international trade agreements, and a number of economic issues at the forefront in Congress and the media, SOCMA is pleased to welcome some of the top reporters, editors and marketing experts from our chemical industry publications to share their insight on these topics that significantly impact the specialty chemical industry,” said Lawrence D. Sloan, SOCMA president and CEO.

Another highlight of the evening is recognition of SOCMA's Performance Improvement and Sustainability Award winners.

“Honoring the achievements of our ChemStewards participants each year helps reinforce our members' commitment to developing a safety culture and implementing sustainable practices at their facilities,” Sloan said.

SOCMA's donation to the American Chemical Society's Scholars Program, which provides scholarships to underrepresented minority students pursuing a degree in chemistry or a related field, is another great tradition at SOCMA's Annual Dinner.

Dr. Phillip Schneider, a business expert, environmental engineer and psychologist who specializes in strategic planning and futurism by integrating technology with the human element of operational excellence is the featured entertainment. He plans to look at “The Chemical Industry, Past, Present and Future” and “Why We are Only Now Scratching the Surface of its Potential.” Dr. Schneider has consulted for numerous Fortune 500 industries, including Dow Chemical, Yankee Nuclear and Exxon Mobil. He currently is a liaison to the White House on energy, safety and the environment.

Dr. Schneider is known not only as an informative speaker but also an entertaining one. He uses humor to accentuate his points, and he is a frequent host and guest speaker on the DC banquet circuit.

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