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Underarm Skin Care from Secret

P&G brand addresses special concerns in new clinical antiperspirant formulation.

Skin is the body’s largest organ, but two small areas are often overlooked by skin care brands: the underarms. Now, Procter & Gamble’s leading AP/deo brand Secret is tackling the needs of this special region of the body in a new formulation, Secret Derma+ Antiperspirant, which was designed with female dermatologists and P&G’s R&D team, which spent more than a decade on the project.
“Visibly healthier, smoother underarm skin is at the heart of Secret Derma+ Antiperspirant’s innovation,” said Nilima Shenai, senior director, global antiperspirants and deodorants R&D at Procter Gamble. “In collaboration with female dermatologists, our team designed a new formula and a new application and usage experience that addresses women’s underarm skincare needs while still delivering the superior sweat and odor protection women have come to expect from Secret.”
In a special press preview held online, dermatologist Dr. Michelle Henry noted the issues with the underarm. For instance, as a skin fold, the area is more prone to bacteria and irritation, she said. In addition, when shaving, women are cutting more than hair, and that can cause in-grown hairs and lead to bumps and hyperpigmentation, especially for women of color who are more likely to have discoloration in the underarm area.
“We talked to hundreds of women of color who also want a solution for underarm skin discoloration,” noted Dr. Maiysha Jones, senior scientist at Procter & Gamble. 
Secret Derma+ antiperspirant, which provides sweat and odor protection, contains provitamin B5 and Derma-Shield, billed as proprietary combination of skin conditioning ingredients that help prevent visible signs of underarm shave irritation like redness, bumps, dry skin, nicks and discoloration. 
P&G said research shows that 40% of women experience noticeable underarm shave irritation, and 60% of women want skin care benefits in their antiperspirant and deodorant products.
In a departure from other products on the AP/deo shelf, Secret Derma+ is housed in a squeezable tube (similar to a skin care product). It has a rounded soft-top applicator designed to minimize friction points against the skin.
The new AP  accredited by the Skin Health Alliance, a global organization of independent dermatologists and skin scientists. Four variants are available: Nourishing + Coconut Oil, Even Tone + Vitamin C, Cooling + Aloe and Fragrance Free.

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