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The most-viewed news on our site for the week ended May 29, 2021.

Sustainability in packaging and products is top of mind with consumers and tops the list of the most-viewed news on for the week ended May 29, 2021. A new recycling law in Washington State forces fast-moving consumer goods companies to use recycle content in their product packaging. Passage of that law was the No. 1 read news on, ahead of news from Guerlain that it is committing to ethical sourcing. Here are the top 10 most-viewed news items on for the week ended May 29.

1. Washington State's Recycling Law

2. Guerlain Commits to Ethical Sourcing by Joining UEBT

3. Robertet Acquires Ecom Food Industries

4. Chemyunion Opens Creation Center in LA

5. Koster Keunen Supports Beekeepers in West Africa

6. Dr. Bronners Enters Candy Market with New Chocolate Bars

7. Innovative Skin Care Ingredients Featured on In-Cosmetics Discover

8. Sienna Naturals Launches Scalp Saver Ritual

9. Tata Harper Unveils New Cream Blushes

10. Hatchbeauty Brands Acquires Trendalytics

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