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Hope ‘Springs’ Eternal for Hair Styling

How style cannot be quarantined for Spring Summer 2021, as told by Philip Pelusi.

At a time when we all need to be physically distant from each other, it seems we are all closer than ever when it comes to choosing and wearing our hairstyles.  We have known that our industry has always been about helping people feel a certain way on the inside by enhancing or changing the way they look on the outside.  Helping create their best version or vision of themselves.  And now, more than ever, how we make people feel through haircuts, color, style, and hair condition is critical in so many ways.  And the trends for Spring Summer 2021 truly reflect this.
Low Maintenance Natural Hues
After 6 or more months of shutdowns without professional hair colorists available to clients, many have decided to return to a close-to version of their natural color, an enhanced version of their natural color or other low maintenance hues.  Sandy blondes and cinnamon brunettes are two of these natural hues that are on trend for Spring and Summer 2021.  Many clients are playing it safe in fear of being quarantined from their colorist while others are just loving this return to an easier lower maintenance look.
Home spa type products are the perfect product tie in here with folks spending inordinately larger amounts of time at home.  These products will help treat their hair and their soul.  While we have that client’s valuable time in the salon, we at Philip Pelusi are taking a dual approach.  One, to offer each guest one of our exclusive Philip Pelusi Spa Hair Therapy In-Salon Treatments.  And two, to educate them on the key products that are part of this process so they can duplicate the look and feel as much as they can at home to maintain their hair and give themselves a little home spa experience to take with them.  This can help turn a Friday night, that is now feeling more like any other night of the week due to the quarantine, into something much more special.
Our dynamic duo here, that work on all textures, is our P2 by Philip Pelusi Xtreme Liquid Hair Repair Spray and our P2 by Philip Pelusi Deep Hydrating Hair and Scalp Treatment.  The in-salon experience of course comes with an incredible scalp massage from one of our trained Philip Pelusi Stylists, skill certified in the treatments.  As they apply these products, they educate the guest on the steps involved to do the treatment at home and give them a few plastic caps to help intensify the effects.
First hair is cleansed with one of our P2 by Philip Pelusi Shampoos, one to address texture or perhaps one to address clarifying the hair and scalp.  We have it all.  The dripping water is removed from the hair and then several mists of our P2 by Philip Pelusi Xtreme Liquid Hair Repair is misted onto their hair.  This product penetrates fast, up to 95% in just 3 minutes without heat due to the high tech Microemulsion process we use to make the ingredients the right molecular size to penetrate deep into the cuticle and cortex of the hair.  A very appealing quality to stylists and clients alike for a fast and effective deep conditioning process.  We affectionately call P2 Xtreme “Hair in a Bottle”, because even though it contains only plant derived ingredients, it feels like you are adding more hair to your hair. 
These headlining ingredients are Gluten Free Wheat, Corn and Soy Proteins and our exclusive Hydro Charge Pelusi Ceramide Complex, Patent Pending, which reads as Cermide2 on the bottle label, all work to fill in missing, broken, or chipped cuticle and cortex layers.  The science of substantivity is at work here.  The right type plant derived protein at the right molecular size makes for the very best, deepest, and long last absorption of the product.  They all strengthen the hair fabric while sealing in color molecules.
Next, we layer on our P2 by Philip Pelusi Deep Hydrating Hair and Scalp Treatment.  The star ingredient in this moisturizing wonder is the coveted Hyaluronic Acid.  This high-end skin care ingredient, although much talked about today, is something we started using at the inception of P2 Deep some 40 years ago.  And although the formula has been updated over the years, Hyaluronic Acid is still its cornerstone ingredient.  This moisture binding powerhouse draws and binds moisture to the hair and scalp and works well on any texture.  We recommend finer textures use this product in smaller amounts just once a week while thicker coarser hair types can handle a larger serving applied several times a week as needed.
Guests can duplicate this treatment at home, in between salon visits.  Apply to their hair, put on a Netflix movie, pour a glass of wine, and create fun at home spa night!
Escapism Fantasy Colors
Escaping, at least emotionally from this time of quarantine, mask-wearing and social distancing, has also continued to spark the desire for fantasy hair color.  These clients are taking a different approach to dealing with their current life holding pattern by adding brightness and change to their day to day with an emotional boost of color.  Something different to see while exercising in front of a mirror at home or to show off on a ZOOM call or on Instagram.  And although all bright hues are on the table, pastels have moved to the forefront for Spring and Summer 2021.
And these hard to hold hair color hues work best when skipping a traditional shampoo day here and there throughout the week.  The idea here is to help color last longer during an ideal time to walk around with not so squeaky-clean perfect hair.  For this, we recommend our P2 by Philip Pelusi Clenz Crème Non-Sudzing Cleansing Conditioner.  This perfect hair break from traditional shampooing utilizes a plant derived combination of lipids from the Brassica Napus family of plants and derivatives that create a conditioning/cleansing formula that cleanses while conditioning without irritating and possibly damaging legacy “quats”.
As we all know the hair color process to achieve these looks, even when done responsibly, involves removing a lot of natural pigment from the hair which also means removing a lot of the cuticle and cortex along with it.  This leaves potholes on the hair from which color molecules can slip through once the coloring process is completely.
All Philip Pelusi shampoos are color safebut with this many “leaks in the dam”, or in the cuticle in this case, color loss of some sort is inevitable.  So, one way to help avoid losing the client’s color investment, is to give the hair a break from all traditional cleansing a few times a week.  Enter P2 by Philip Pelusi Clenz Crème.  A small amount of our proprietary Pelusi Sugar Cane Cleanse of Sugar Cane, Sugar Maple, Bilberry and Appleseedgives a light, gentle, barely there cleanse while our exclusive Pelusi Bio Polymer Complex of USDA Organic Baobab Protein and Organic Baobab Oil hydrate and strengthen hair.  Hair is lightly refreshed while still being able to go from a wet to dry style.
If wanting to avoid water altogether, one of the biggest contributors to color loss, opt for a dry shampoo.  We of course recommend our P2 by Philip Pelusi RefresHair Texture Treatment.  Hair’s scent is refreshed by White Tea and Thymewhile the product helps to remove up to 50% of surface debris.  This lightweight spray on product leaves nothing but shiny hair full of body with none of the dusty residue of powder dry shampoo products.  It also doubles as setting, holding and heat protecting spray as well.  A multitask product that helps protect these bright fantasy colors.
All Inclusive 90’s Bob
And the shape that seems to be driving this Spring and Summer style season is the reemergence of the 90’s blunt bob.  Makes sense in that it’s easy to wear and care for.  Again, the perfect response to the quarantine while still looking super stylish.  Chin length, box shaped haircuts, some with bangs, are going to be a big request.  Think of model Linda Evangelista circa 1990-something or Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice.  But what makes this season’s Blunt Bobs more interesting and inclusive is that all textures are welcome and applauded!  Straight hair, naturally curly and wavy textures, or waves added artificially via flat or curling irons to add texture and movement are all part of this trend.
And to style this wonderful wide range of Blunt Bob textures we recommend our trio of Philip Pelusi Smart Styling Treatments.  P2 by Philip Pelusi Increase Smart Styling Treatment, P2 by Philip Pelusi Decrease Smart Styling Treatment and P2 by Philip Pelusi ReCurl Smart Styling Treatment.
What they all have in common is their deep penetrating yet weightless strengthening, hydrating and UV protecting treatment ingredients.  Hair gets an improved conditioning boost with each use.  Apply to freshly shampooed and conditioned hair prior to any other styling product, for best absorption, or use alone if enough to achieve the style.  Heat activated for best results, but hair can also be airdried as well, a popular work-from-home trend during this difficult pandemic environment.  Especially popular with busy moms and dads tackling home schooling while simultaneously preparing for a work ZOOM.
And each of these Philip Pelusi Smart Styling Treatments have unique texture tackling abilities.  Just look to their names for their charge!  P2 Increase to increase body and texture, P2 Decrease to reduce volume and frizz and P2 ReCurl to help spring up natural curls and waves with the extra bonus of helping create the proper texture and hold for artificially created waves via flat and curling iron work.  Each product contains a unique plant derived microemulsion uniquely designed to enhance or reduce the desired texture.  The ingredients in these Philip Pelusi Propriety Microemulsions penetrate the hair strand and work from the inside of the hair fiber never coating the outside like traditional styling grooms that contain resins or silicones.  Hair feels light, airy, and natural.  They add what Mother Nature forgot!
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