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Juice Beauty’s New Eye Cream Tackles Sleep-Derived Wrinkles

A good night’s rest is key to wellness, but there can be a downside for skin. Juice Beauty SleepWrinkle Retinol Overnight Eye Cream combats nighttime wrinkles.

Consider it a wakeup call about how sleep can negatively impact one’s appearance.

Juice Beauty is rolling out an eye cream that is designed to help revive one’s skin and combat wrinkles that come from catching some Zs.

The packaging has massaging applicator that stimulates eye circulation.
New SleepWrinkle Retinol Overnight Eye Cream, part of the brand’s Stem Cellular franchise, contains a proprietary 2.5% bio retinol and retinol combination formulated specifically for the area of around the eyes. In that area, skin is much thinner than the skin of the rest of the face and as such can be impacted by how one sleeps, according to Juice Beauty Founder Karen Behnke.

By our 30th birthday, we’ve slept more than 10,000 times—and that can lead to sleep wrinkles. What’s more, as we age, the wrinkles from sleep can start to last longer throughout the day.

“Think about how we all scrunch our faces all night when you sleep on your side or your stomach, a lot of wrinkled skin all night long,” said Behnke.

But don’t ger her wrong. “Beauty sleep is still imperative,” she told Happi, “but with the average head weighing 11 pounds and the skin around the eyes 10 times thinner than the skin on the rest of the face, sleep wrinkles are real and inevitable.”

According to San Francisco plastic surgeon Dr. Carolyn Chang, wrinkles are not caused by sleep per se, but can be developed as a result of sleep positions which cause pressure and friction.

“Other wrinkles are most likely a result of aging and sun damage and the resulting loss of elasticity. The aging process decreases collagen content and moisture content, producing thinner skin and visible wrinkling. The eye area is particularly susceptible to wrinkling because it is the most thin and delicate skin on the face,” added Dr. Chang. who specializes in cosmetic surgery with a natural aesthetic and is also Juice Beauty’s scientific medical advisor.

SleepWrinkle Retinol Overnight Eye Cream is designed to work while one sleeps.

Key Ingredients

The formulation features bio-retinol from lentisk, a dioecious evergreen shrub; vitamin A (retinol); peptides; CoQ10 (ubiquinone); hyaluronic acid; vitamin B5; and jojoba, coconut and shea butters.

In addition, evening primrose encapsulation is said to preserve and maintain the potency of the retinol and minimize irritation. Juice Beauty said its technology eliminates the need for conventional chemical processing and other encapsulation ingredients that it deems less desirable to some consumers.

A New Wrinkle in Wrinkles

While the eyes are the target for this launch, other areas of the body are susceptible to the same sleep-related issues.

“All areas of the face can be impacted by sleep positions. Sustained pressure and friction of the face on a pillow that is on the hard side can cause premature wrinkling, but the same pressure during sleep will also cause skin on décolleté to wrinkle,” noted Dr. Chang. 

Anything that can reduce contact of the skin with surfaces that cause pressure or friction will minimize the impact can help, she said.

“The best way to prevent facial wrinkles during sleep is to sleep on your back. Other considerations are to sleep on a soft and more full pillow, and use pillowcases that minimize friction which allows your face to rest on a smoother, slicker surface, such as those made of silk or satin.”

Along with adjustments to sleep behavior, nightly use of the new skincare formulation from Juice Beauty will provide beneficial results, she insists. 

Karen Behnke

“The SleepWrinkle cream was formulated with Bio-Retinol + Retinol, evening primrose, peptides and hyaluronic acid which I recommend to my patients post-surgery to heal and calm skin,” said Dr. Chang.

Juice Beauty SleepWrinkle Retinol Overnight Eye Cream packaging features a massaging applicator that stimulates eye circulation as well.

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