Testing Claims Matter in Beauty & Personal Care Sales

New data from The Benchmarking Company shows that shoppers are researching marketing data and efficacy.

Substantiated claims are a key element of beauty and personal care product development right now. Read on to see why testing claims are a vital part of your products' journey to the consumer in the latest infographic from The Benchmarking Company.

Claims Matter More Than Ever

Does your product perform as promised? Will your laundry detergent get out grass stains? Will your night cream reduce the appearance of wrinkles? More importantly, especially when it comes to cosmetics, is your product safe and are your ingredients “clean?” These issues have come to the fore in the past year as regulators debate the merits of cosmetic regulation bills and local law enforcement agencies encounter counterfeit products.

And that’s where testing companies flex their muscles. Shoppers in 2022 know more than ever!



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