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The Happi Podcast: Daniel Folkmanas, CEO, Talomi

The three-month-old vegan cosmetics brand makes multi-purpose beauty sticks for eyes, lips and cheeks for teens and tweens.

The Sephora Kids firestorm—a movement involving underage girls shopping at the beauty giant for a range of age-inappropriate skincare and cosmetic products they’ve watched on TikTok—continues to rage. But that hasn’t stopped an army of beauty business owners from advocating for age-appropriate alternatives for these tweens and teens in a rush to grow up.

One of them, three-month-old vegan cosmetics brand Talomi, caters to this demographic. Specializing in multi-purpose beauty sticks, the San Diego, CA-based e-comm brand aims to provide a streamlined approach for tweens and teens to dip their figurative toes (and literal fingers) into the world of color cosmetics and beauty.

Talomi doesn’t define beauty by the warped standards often portrayed on social media. Rather, the brand is an extension of self-expression without judgement, according to Founder Daniel Folkmanas.

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