• A Cloudy Forecast for Sun Care Sales

    April 3, 2017
    The European sun care market is under pressure from other beauty products that are formulated to protect the skin from the dangers of the sun’s damaging rays. As UV protection is added to more products, including moisturizers, foundations, eye…

  • Men’s Grooming: It’s Five O’Clock (shadow) Everywhere!

    Men’s Grooming: It’s Five O’Clock (shadow) Everywhere!

    Imogen Matthews, Contributing Editor || March 1, 2017
    Slowly but surely, European men are taking to grooming products in greater numbers, not just for functional reasons, but to look and feel better. The change has yet to be reflected in sales increases, but the signs are there, especially among image-c…

  • Europeans skip some steps in facial skin care routines

    Imogen Matthews, Consultant || February 1, 2017
    European consumers are remarkably conservative in their choice of facial skin care products. Despite a proliferation of new formats flooding the market, many from Korea, Europeans have yet to embrace the multi-step regimen favored by other cultures.…

  • Russia Makes a Splash in Personal Cleansers

    January 6, 2017
    Taking a bath may seem quaint to many people living outside Europe, but it is a favored ritual for those seeking some indulgent downtime in their own homes. As a result, sales of spa-inspired products are growing. And yet, shower gels and body washes…

  • Is Oral Care Connectivity A Cure for Cavities?

    Imogen Matthews, Consultant || December 1, 2016
    European oral care routines are evolving slowly to incorporate more than just daily brushing with plenty of potential for consumers to use a wider portfolio of products for dental health. A recent trend for natural formulations mirrors that of other…

  • Is Your Makeup Ready For Its Selfie?

    Imogen Matthews, Consultant || November 2, 2016
    You can’t make these statistics up. A new study from YouTube confirms that 65% of its beauty views come from makeup, with UK content powering up the rest of the world. Social media, including YouTube, is a force for change within makeup and is…

  • No Bad Hair Days For Europeans

    Imogen Matthews, Consultant || October 3, 2016
    While shampoo remains the most used hair care product by European consumers, multi-step regimes are growing in popularity. For many, the goal is hydration and protection, reflecting skin care usage patterns and providing hair care brands with opportu…

  • No Need for Roman Baths With So Many Spa SKUs

    Imogen Matthews, Consultant || September 1, 2016
    Time-pressed Europeans would rather buy spa-type products to use at home than spend hours having treatments in a beauty salon or spa. As a result, beauty brands have been quick to exploit the opportunity to create at-home spa products that replicate…

  • Natural & Organic And Growing, Too!

    Imogen Matthews, Contributing Author || August 1, 2016
    The landscape is changing for the European natural and organic beauty products market. No longer can the category be considered secondary to mainstream cosmetics and toiletries; it is right up there in terms of innovation and consumer acceptance. The…

  • New Deodorant Launches Tackle Modern Lifestyles

    Imogen Matthews, Consultant || July 1, 2016
    When compared to other beauty categories, such as skin and hair care, deodorants and antiperspirants have a less glamorous image and therefore attract less media attention. They tend to be overlooked because they are regarded as everyday essentials,…

  • Body Care Sales Stall As Innovation Grows

    Imogen Matthews, Consultant || June 1, 2016
    European body care sales have been relatively lackluster in recent years. Despite their lack of enthusiasm, more Europeans insist that they are using body care products more regularly as part of their year-round routine. That trend is helping maintai…

  • New Fragrance Launches Fail to Ignite Sales

    Imogen Matthews, Contributor || May 2, 2016
    European market continues to slump.

  • Sunscreen usage remains Sluggish in Europe

    Imogen Matthews, Consultant || April 1, 2016
    Although seasonality drives European sun care sales, brands are increasingly looking at ways of adding value to encourage consumers to incorporate sunscreens as part of a regular skin care regime. The latest sun care launches offer much more than sun…

  • Finally, the Ascent of Man! Grooming Comes of Age

    Imogen Matthews, Consultant || March 1, 2016
    Few personal care product categories present as much opportunity for growth as male grooming, especially in Europe. Pride in personal appearance and the growing fashion for beards of varying lengths has created new possibilities, especially for the e…

  • A Russian Revolution In Facial Skin Care

    Imogen Matthews, Consultant || February 3, 2016
    Facial skin care is one of beauty’s most important categories in Europe; the segment is benefitting from the arrival of Asian-inspired concepts that are contributing to a trend toward multi-step regimens. As a result, many Europeans are expandi…