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A Truly Wearable Natural Lipgloss

New formulation from Burt's Bees.

By Melissa Meisel

Published May 13, 2013
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A Truly Wearable Natural Lipgloss

Lipgloss is a tricky formulation to make right. It has to be not too sticky, not too shiny or not too scented. Unlike lipstick which is more of a creamy feel, lipgloss is often tough to pigment as well, because as a gloss its often sheer. Burt’s Bees managed to create a very superior product in my opinion, its new Lip Gloss ($8.99). Touted as a “revolution in vibrant color and pearlescent gloss that doesn’t skimp on nourishing moisture,” the product is 100% natural to boot.

Infused with moisturizing botanical oils and beeswax, the glosses nourish and soften while delivery long-lasting, rich color. It is available in 12 different shades: Autumn Haze, Fall Foliage, Sweet Sunset, Sunny Day, Ocean Sunrise, Rosy Dawn, Spring Splendor, Summer Twilight, Evening Glow, Ruby Moon, Nearly Dusk and Starry Night.

Happi tested the Spring Splendor, a very wearable pink, and is happy to report that it’s the perfect level of color and shine with a light feel and taste. Of course you need to reapply after eating or drinking. One caveat is that the gloss seems to gather in the cap when you twist it closed? Still, for a lipgloss formulation that checks all the boxes, it’s worth it!

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